STEM showroom

Explore educational technology and programs that combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!
Our showroom displays a variety of robots, edu kits and technology that could be used in educational programs in schools and centres. The STEM approach for kids and youth combines various disciplines for deeper understanding of the world around us. The STEM practical tools unlock further kids’ innate sense of curiosity and adventure.

Our STEM Showroom could be combined with the adjacent Classroom for classes related to robotics, programming and sustainability. The domain expert and lab operator, Technokrati, offers an array of related activities.


Courses for kids & youth
- Teacher training programs
- STEM related consulting

Demos & seminars for STEM / other edu centres
- Kits available for sale for  STEM / other edu centres
- Classroom storage solutions available for sale for STEM / other edu centres

Visitors & applications

Typical showroom visitors

- Educational institutions reps - private & public schools, centres, other
- NGOs
- Students and educatorsHobby makers & creators (sustainable technologies, robotics, mechanics, programing for kids & youth) 


- Demonstration of available technology
- Consultation on educational programs and tech applications
- Exploration of new technologies and perspectives 

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