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Are you an expert in any of the disciplines of the Resonator labs interested in using our space and also giving back to our community by being involved in consulting, coaching or mentoring?
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Why join?

Help us promote the process of learning by sharing your knowledge and skills with our members who need extra support! Our lab operators are the expert staff on-hand but we do welcome various experts with unique expertise willing to support the do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude and vibe growth. 
You can define when and how often you could be available for collaboration with our community. What’s important for us is that you believe sharing expertise is crucial for makers and creators movement-at-large and in exchange we do offer to welcome you at our labs as a team player.

What’s in it for you?

As an expert member of our community you can use the labs and their equipment free of charge. You could work on your own project, test out or realize your ideas, create a prototype or just experiment with tools you haven’t worked with until now.

By joining our Experts Program you make yourself available for being invited to work on external projects and being compensated for your time and input.

How to apply? 

- Tell us about yourself and why you want to join the Experts Program.
- This can be done in either English or Bulgarian
- Share what are your superpowers, an example project or a demo to validate your expertise
- Feel free to include schemes, graphic and audio materials to make your point clearer
- Provide valid contact information so we can reach back

What to expect?

Jumping on board in our pool of trusted experts and mentors might include helping out a fellow member on their project, making yourself available as a mentor, consulting on different rR projects or sharing your domain insights  in a workshop. You define your own preference for knowledge sharing.

You could have an Experts profile in the Resonator community platform that connects like-minded people per their interests. If you feel like it, you can make the most of it and create an online portfolio of your work and projects, add articles and videos, go wild!

If you do not feel shy about it, we can document a part of your work process by creating videos or articles. Their purpose would be to showcase the opportunities Resonator has to offer through our digital channels. 
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Expertise & Disciplines of interest


- PCB Design
- PCB Production
- Diagnostics

Physical modelling

- CAD, 3D printing
- Molding/Casting


- Extended reality
- Machine Learning/AI

Creative domains

- Photography
- Sound engineering

Content Production

- Audio production
- Video editing/production
- Other digital content

Your superpower that is not listed here...

Join us!
Share your expertise and become a part of a growing community of makers and innovators!
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