Resonator Internship Program  

Are you into creating new solutions to existing problems and experimentation but you find difficulty in pulling your ideas from the drawing board phase to a final product? 
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Why join?

Resonator co-innovation hub is here to support this process by offering an internship program with access to practical tools and equipment, mentoring and consulting. You will have the opportunity to contribute to our internal projects and tasks. 
No matter if you are into applied electronics, 3D printing and modeling, hardware and software developments, XR (VR and AR), sound design, or arts, we provide state-of-the-art facilities, tools, equipment and expertise in a friendly environment for applied learning to a limited number of ambitious people. Disciplines can be found below, but the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

What’s in for you? 

- Get FREE access to all Resonator facilities and full technical support for the duration of the project and preferential conditions for continuous use after the the end of the project.
- Become part of our innovation ecosystem 
- Learn directly from experts 
- Work on exciting projects you can use for your study
- Prepare and receive technical support for a study project, thesis or participation in tech competitions and hackathons 
- Use the Resonator facility and labs for your hobby projects 

How to apply?

- This can be done in either English or Bulgarian 
- You are free to include schemes, graphic and audio materials to make your point clearer
- Include staging and time projection for the different phases of your project
- Provide contact information so we can reach back to you for feedback
- Wrap up your project suggestion or idea in up to 1000 words
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Expertise & Disciplines of interest


- Design electronic schematic and printed circuit board
- Assembling electronic device 
- Troubleshooting electronic device issues 
- Design device case and front panel 
- Use of RaspberryPi / Arduino 

Physical modelling

- Design 3D Models 
- 3D Printing 
- 3D Scanning 
- CNC Router/Drilling/Cutting 
- Finishing 

Extended reality (VR/MR/AR)

- Metahuman Modeling 
- VR in Gaming – Unreal/Unity 
- Motion tracking techniques in VR 
- Drone flight simulation

Sound engineering

- Mixing and Recording 
- Mastering 
- Sound Design 
- DIY Audio Schematics (FX, Synth…)

Robotics & STEM

- Mechatronics 
- Programming robots
- Renewable energy
- Drone challenges
- Smart and IOT technologies

IT / Cloud & Server infrastructure

- IT architecture and equipment sizing 
- Setup and use of Cloud Services (AWS) 
- Linux servers for local IT infrastructure 
- DevOps practices & kubernetes networking 


- Web Development 
- Mobile Apps Development 
- Product Testing & Quality Assurance 
- Computer vision ML/AI 

Content creation

- Product photography 
- Events photography
- Video editing
- Audio editing
- Digital marketing content
- Animation 

Join us!
Learn by doing and become part of a growing community of makers and innovators!
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