An ecosystem focused on innovation delivery.
Our hub provides affordable access for product development to any size company and individuals.
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We help organisations to deliver complete solutions, from designing processes to engineering and manufacturing. Our business focuses on convergence of technology and integration between solutions.

What we do

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Resonator is a multipurpose facility and a one-of-a-kind Research & Development Center, maximising innovation output by mixing rapid prototyping capabilities with applied learning. We leverage on our close connection with product development companies, enterprises and an extended network of industry experts who co-develop products and businesses. Our first co-innovation hub is based in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria.
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It is a place to collaborate, co-create, experiment & share knowledge & expertise. At Resonator, you get access to labs and showrooms with state-of-the-art technologies, devices and prototyping gear to scale up your practical skills, meet up and get wild with people with resonating interests. Our lab operators can assist you with your project or choice of tools.
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If you are not into tech, Resonator offers an array of learning opportunities for you. Our edu programs and workshops in various disciplines take place in our co-labs and if practical - in our labs. The fun of exploring new skills for kids and youth is in our Classroom, where we focus on STEM activities.
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Our business-oriented services deliver innovation projects, connect you with partners and provide consultations and tailored solutions for your business needs. We also provide solutions for businesses that need to catch up with technology or find a tech solution to gain a competitive edge in their commercial activities.


Become a member


At present, we provide membership only to teams we select via our Open Calls. Membership provides access to community events, perks and some of our facilities. The active program currently is the Resonator City Connect, but we plan to launch calls in other areas soon. Watch this space or send us an inquiry if you have a need for prototyping.
Lab subscription

Lab access

Once we select teams via our Open Calls, members can get access to tools, hardware and the lab operators assistance. By unlocking our labs, you can dig deeper into what you are good at, learn new skills, experiment, play or just use our tools to build your project.
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rR network

We partner with various organisations to create collaboration and project development opportunities. So, if you shine at your expert domain but want to co-create with us, you are welcome to join our community!

Co-working options

Resonator is not a typical coworking space that provides desks for rent but we have some flex-desk options for our community. Although the core function of our space is to provide co-creating facilities for activities related to testing, fabrication, use of practical tools and prototyping, if you become a rR member you have plenty of options to work on your laptop within a creative atmosphere.
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Browse the space

Browse the space

Electronics Lab

This is your playground for experiments with sensors, electro components and soldering so that you work on rapid prototyping for anything from smart tech to IoT products & services. Our lab is powered by RS Components, a leading supplier of industrial products, electronic components and engineering tools for automation & control, test & measurement.

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Device & Software Lab

Welcomes specialists in software development, quality assurance and R&D who need to test their project on various devices. Our lab operator, ATHLON, a digital product development agency, is here to assist you in your innovation process with its experience in UX, brand and technology and R&D.

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Café & Coffice

The social area is situated at the very entrance of Resonator and it welcomes you with a good coffee and vibes. The Coffice is a laptop friendly zone, open for the Resonator community. The area is situated next to the co-labs and the showroom, which makes it perfect for more-relaxed gatherings and gigs.

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Sound Engineering Lab

Covers a wide spectrum of capabilities for audio production, analysis, workshops, and other applications of sound and music. From transmedia projects to analysis of self-made music instruments, from spatial sound for VR to tailored services, our lab operators from Synth Space have got you covered.

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The showroom is open for our community and guests who are eager to play around with gadgets and other inventions. We display tech and non-tech items, products of our members, partners and more. Don’t be shy, have a step in!

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Podcast Meeting Space

The space is open for meetings and conference calls that need some private space and concentration. The setup is podcast-friendly and our operators from GOVORI INTERNET, professional podcast producers and storytellers are here to assist you if you want to use your voice as a media.

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STEM Showroom

Our arsenal of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related robots and equipment is available for you to test and explore. With a solid experience in education via technology for kids and youth, Technokrati are here to consult you if you are eager attending courses or equipping yourself or your school with such “toys”.

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Dedicated to educational practices for the next generation of creators, the Classroom is open to welcome your activities and it can be transformed into a playground that suits your workshop. The unique location of the Classroom makes it even more inspirational for kids and youth, as they can collaborate with the hub community.

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Fab Lab

Start your own fast prototyping journey here and explore 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D/3D CAD modeling and more. If fabrication is not really your thing, our lab operator SolidFill with a solid background in product design, 3D printing technology and vacuum forming can provide pro 3D printing/ prototyping services.

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Co-Lab 01 & 02

Our co-labs are designed for workshops, webinars and other types of collaborative events and are open for your ideas, discussions and inspirational vibes. They can welcome outside audiences if you need an alternative and meaningful setup for your events. The Resonator members also gather here for our own induction and pro workshops.
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Rent some private space

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The Podcast Meeting Space

For any formal meetings that require privacy you can book our podcast meeting space. Besides the conference gear, this space provides a setup for podcast or other audio recordings.
21 sq.m. / 8 ppl

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