Is Resonator a co-working space?

The Resonator hub is a place where you can subscribe for lab access and use the dedicated equipment. If you need to use the space for some laptop related work, you can always use our relaxed areas.
We do have a separate Resonator Co-working Café in our backyard that provides a hot desk rental.  For non-members, the place operates as a Café only for take away drinks.

What is the difference between Resonator membership and subscription?

By becoming a Resonator member and paying a membership fee you get access to a number of perks like access to events, workshops, common Resonator areas, benefits from our partners and others. By paying a subscription for a given lab or all labs, you get access to our tools and equipment, our lab operators support and you can work on your project.

What qualifications do I need to use your machinery/equipment?

Your level of expertise can vary and we are here to help you become better at what you do or finish your project. There is an obligatory intro workshop for every new lab subscriber, so we make sure that you get familiar with all safety instructions and you get introduced to the main equipment and procedures. In addition, our lab operators are available to assist at any time.

Does Resonator provide funding to innovation projects?

We care for innovation and we ourselves are partnering with a number of pioneering organizations. Some of them are interested in funding or supporting any progressive product or solution that matches their vision. We also organize events dedicated to various themes, where you can demonstrate your project, participate in a pitching contest or collaborate with others on creating new solutions.

How much does it cost to work in your lab/s?

Our Resonator multidisciplinary subscription pass covers access to all labs. You can choose a subscription period (1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or yearly). For more information, please, contact us directly.

Do you organize a tour for a group/ class of students?

We can open doors for such a group / class tour and we can also tailor it depending on your interests.  Resonator concept spins around collaboration and multidisciplinary activities, so the more people get to access our labs, the more ideas and projects can be created.

How do I use the Resonator app for bookings and membership activation?

If you use the reservation app for the first time, make sure you initially sign up via browser and then download the app and login via your mobile device.Once you have gone over the registration process, log in and in the SHOP section choose the labs / spaces you would like to book.Some of them may require additional approval (marked as "required approval") on our end, so please do book your requested time and we shall confirm or comment if necessary.

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