Sound Lab

We are not your classic sound recording studio. We are here to open the door to your freedom to experiment with sound!
The Resonator Sound Lab delivers a wide spectrum of capabilities for audio production, music composing, analysis and other applications.

You can create on your own by simply plug & play to our equipment or reach out to the lab operators from Synth Space, who can onboard and assist you. If you need a deep dive, you can also jump into our thematic workshops.

We also provide a playground for multidisciplinary projects from multimedia to trial runs of self-made music instruments, spatial sound for VR, you name it.


Plug & play setup with hardware instruments, effects and software for your projects
- Acoustically treated private space for sound and music production 
- A creative environment just a door away from experts from other disciplines that you can collaborate with for multidisciplinary Sound projects (Electronics lab for building electronics music instruments and modules; Fabrication lab for design and building of enclosures, panels, knobs and other prototypes; the XR Lab to experience spatial audio)

Opportunity to use the Sound lab in practical education for your own workshop in combination with our event spaces for the classes
- Sound & Music services on-demand
- Comfortable setup for 4-6 people
- Opportunity to test and experiment with your own audio equipment

Sound lab equipment


- Analogue Synths:
     - Sequential Prophet 6
     - Modal Argon8
     - Korg Minilogue XD
     - Novation BassStation2
     - Digital Synths
     - Yamaha DX7 IID
     - Behringer Model D
- Apple / Mac Digital Audio Workstation
- Audio interfaces
- RME Fireface UCX 
- Presonus AudioBox 44VSL 
- Adam Audio A5X monitor speakers
- Focal Twin6 Monitor speakers
- Controllers
- Ableton Push 
- NI Maschine Mikro MK3
- Furman M-10x E Power Conditioner
- E-MU Orbit Sound Module
- Custom music production desk


- Sound editing & mastering services 
- Music production, jingles, Field & Foley sound recording and other 
- Workshops / trainings
- Music production for film, animation or games
- Assistance for sound design and sampling of synthesizers, modules and drum machines
- Composing of original music
- High-end microphones

Book the space

Check out the pricing plan that works best for you and book the space via our app*! If still not sure, you can always request a quick tour (!

*If you use the reservation app for the first time, make sure you initially sign up via browser and then download the app and login.

Services & pricing

All prices are in Bulgarian leva and include VAT.



- Access to standard equipment
- Access for 1 hour


BGN/half day

- Access to standard equipment
- Access for 4 hours
- For bookings during business hours



- Access to standard equipment
- Access for a full business day
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