School of Kindness

24-25 June
Closed for participants only!
Hosted by: Æther Sofia - Voin de Voin
Location: Resonator
Type of event: Physical / virtual

Æther and Migrating Voices are joining forces for the School of Kindness (June 23 - July 7), a two weeks ongoing alternative program of education SCHOOL OF KINDNESS.

It is brought to realization by Migrating Voices - Lisette Smits and Æther Sofia - Voin de Voin.

The program is supported by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture- Фонд Култура, Socially engaged projects.

School of Kindness are also partnering with Goethe-Institut Bulgarien, Plus 359 Gallery,  Resonator co-innovation hub, and Фабрика Автономия.

Please download the full program from Æther's website:

*graphic design: Victoria Kieffer

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