27 March 2023
Cost: free
Hosted by: Konica Minolta
Location: Resonator
Type of event: Physical

On 27.03.2023, the winner of the "PrintSpiration" competition was announced. PrintSpiration is a joint initiative of Konica Minolta Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Design Group (BDG) and is a competition for the cover of the first edition of the BDG Design Yearbook, which will bring together the best Bulgarian designs in various categories in the period 2019 - 2022.

The Competition

Design competitions provide an opportunity for creative individuals to illustrate their ideas, provoke them to tell stories in pictures and dream. A book cover is a platform that allows designers to demonstrate their skills in creating an overall conceptual framework that is the representative "packaging" of the content included.

The joint competition of Konica Minolta Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Design Group (BDG) announced at the end of 2022 had one main goal - to dress the first BDG Design Yearbook with a highly impactful cover, enriched with varnish and foil, which would give an unforgettable sensory experience to everyone who holds in their hands the first edition of the book, which collected the best Bulgarian designs.

The task is challenging, because in addition to a graphic project, the participants had to present a project for the enrichment of the print, which should be carried out with the MGI JetVarnish technology. One of the stages of the competition included a workshop where the way to prepare files for 2D/3D varnish and/or foil was presented live, as well as the MGI system in action, to familiarize designers with all the possibilities that the technology offers provides them before they start creating.

28 talented artists from all over the country submitted their projects. All 48 unique designs were printed on AccurioPress C4070 and enriched on MGI JETVARNISH 3DS + iFoil to make the concept stand out and feel. Behind each cover is an overall look, an inspiring idea and a unique handwriting. The 6-member jury, formed by three representatives of Konica Minolta Bulgaria and 3 members of the Bulgarian Design Group, had the difficult task of evaluating the proposals based on their originality, creativity, compliance with the content of the book, as well as the proposed ideas for enriching the print. After discussion, clear criteria and objective arguments, the first place in the competition was awarded, which remained secret until the award ceremony.

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