Coffee talk vol.2

18 March 2023
Cost: free
Hosted by: BAC
Location: Resonator
Type of the event: Physical

Coffee Talk is a regular event of the Bulgarian Coffee Association, where you meet interesting people from the coffee industry. We will hear their stories, practices they have acquired over the years and many other interesting and useful things from the world of our favorite drink.History of coffee culture in Bulgaria. This will be the theme of the second edition of Coffee Talk, and the focus will be on the last 20 years. We will talk about them with Georgi Gagov from Aroma Coffee.

He is one of the pioneers in the coffee industry, and not only in the specialty class. Georgi Gagov will tell us about the development of coffee culture, how customer preferences have changed, about the first coffee brands in Bulgaria and the challenges before them, as well as about the first associations.
You will have the opportunity to ask about everything that interests you about coffee from the recent past.

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